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    It is our mission to explore, evaluate and develop mineral ­­­resource properties in the western United States for internal ownership as well as continuing the servicing of clients desiring a technical management team with the combination of mining engineering, geology, drilling, construction and ore processing experience to reach success in each new mineral business venture.


    The realization of the value of gold and silver in the small Mojave Desert mines when evaluated using modern mining methods and construction practices, left a man named Raymond Burleson with a desire in 1967 to locate, file his claims, and begin drilling and blasting underground along the discovery vein in one of those small mines. He re-staked several claims following visible surface outcrop geology, naming claims Mojave Girl (original name), Mojave Boy and Tarantula.

    Richard Todd, a mining engineer and public land surveyor, was retained in 1980 to provide surveying of the claims, and he produced a map superimposing claims on the USGS topographic map of the area with all claims shown, sufficient to outline the aerial surface outcrop path of the orebody that lies hidden beneath the surface. From 1967 to 1980, claims grew into what was later called, in Spanish, the Sixteen La Dama de Oro claims--or The Lady of Gold, now part of the 2001 newly incorporated holdings of Mohave Gold Mining & Exploration, Inc. (MGME).


    After inheritance of the mining claims by a son, Reggie Burleson, he again retained Richard Todd to evaluate the holdings and provide information on potential of the property as a continuing underground mine. In 2001, Mr. Burleson formed a new corporation headquartered in Nevada named Mohave Gold Mining & Exploration, Inc., naming himself as president. The original unpatented mineral claims were reviewed by Mr. Todd and Avery Reed, also a graduate mining engineer and engineering contractor, for future consideration as an operable mineral property.

    In January 2004, Mr. Donald Strachan, certified professional geologist, was retained to perform a geotechnical site investigation for an opinion of economic geology and precious metal potential. That early report was followed in November 2009 with a report of greater extent which concluded that a possibility exists for other nearby contiguous veins, and if three-additional-minable lenses exist similar to the original La Dama de Oro lens, after a drilling program determination, he concluded "...conservative minimum geologic potential of the La Dama de Oro property is 288,000 tons of ore containing 144,000 ounces of gold."

        A 26 Page economic gold potential report on the La Dama de Oro Property - written by Donald G. Strachan, Economic Geologist MSc CPG – now available for viewing.

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