The photo above is of an arrastre located just downslope from the La Dama de Oro vein. Early Spanish miners constructed these devices when they discovered a vein rich enough to warrant the labor to build. This one evidently was modified at a later time to incorporate an early power device, probably a one-lung gasoline engine.
PROJECT MILESTONE: Bureau of Land Management Approval

"Mohave Gold Mining and Exploration, Inc. is pleased to announce that all the environmental obstacles have been overcome on the La Dama de Oro Exploration and Development Project. Three years of Environmental Impact Studies and Reports presented to the two regulatory agencies, the Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, has led to a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), and authorization has been granted to MGME, Inc., to move forward with the surface core-drilling and underground exploration work at the La Dama de Oro Mine near Victorville, California. The recent rise in the price of gold has led smaller mining companies to take a fresh look at mines that closed down in the 40's and 50's, that have now become feasible to reopen. Less than a handful of underground mines have been permitted to be re-examined in Southern California, and the La Dama de Oro the only one in San Bernardino County since the War Powers Act of 1941 drove many smaller mines to close. Pre-mobilization activities for the project commenced October 15, 2012."

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